My experience when using Alfa Laval heat exchangers

May 29, 2019 4:55:44 PM

My experience when using Alfa Laval heat exchangers

The following story on the use of Alfa Laval exchangers tells the story of Moises Harari, developer of the La Quinta Inn & Suites Hotel of the city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, one of the success stories of Froztec International specialized counseling.

The Alfa Laval technology is famous the world over thanks to the great amount of applications it has in the refrigeration industry and to provide benefits as energy savings and environmental impact reduction in the systems in which they are implemented.

There are Alfa Laval products designed for very complex industrial processes which demand high power like the shipping sector. We think that if the brand’s thermal interchange technology works for this kind of applications; then, for a hotel, the quality would be enough. And so it was.

In our case, prior to reaching Froztec International, we were using Alfa Laval by that time in the La Quinta Inn & Suites, as most Cancun hotels, used underground wells for salt water harnessing.

Underground water was cooled and used for the comfort of our guests; however, as all the zone accommodation centers used the same system and returned the water to the wells, when we needed to use it, its temperature was too high.

We decided to switch technologies, but the heat exchange equipment developed by Alfa Laval was kept as part of the system.


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The Alfa Laval exchangers were part of the project, before and after the project.

Facing the need for a better technology, we reached Froztec International; who designed the project while its certified contractors performed the installation of 2 cooling towers and increased the amount of the M-10 model Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers.

The Alfa Laval equipment is the only constants in the process to improve the refrigeration system for the comfort of the Hotel La Quinta Inn & Suites Cancun.

The experience we have had with Alfa Laval is very positive. It is a reliable and highly resistant technology that can work around the clock, always with high effectiveness in energy saving and the required environmental care.

We will keep using Alfa Laval for plenty of projects and it is, without a hint of doubt, a recommendation that can help developers reach the efficiency they strive for in their refrigeration systems.

One of its great advantages is that heat exchangers from this brand can be adapted into a great variety of third party equipment and functions.

We learnt not to depend on one single Alfa Laval heat exchanger

In our experience and thanks to the counseling of Froztec International, we discovered that we must not rely on a single exchanger for our systems. When we realized this, we acquired and installed 3 additional pieces of equipment running in parallel. This allows us to avoid the risk of closing the hotel while maintenance is performed.

Alfa Laval heat exchangers

Froztec International provided the key to better harness the Alfa Laval technology

At the beginning, we thought that using an Alfa Laval heat exchanger with titanium plates would allow us to cool the underground water that reached high temperatures due to its constant use.

But while on the project development, Froztec International¸ especially thanks to the work of Engineer Enrique Reyes, the water temperature problem was solved by implementing cooling towers.

Specialized counseling showed us the need of integrating more gasketed plate heat exchanger pieces of equipment and other components that provided greater efficiency for the hotel needs.

Moreover, the project design and training provided by Froztec allowed us to better harness the water that was used in the comfort applications.

Froztec International took into account not only the problem we had but also created a truly comprehensive project that apart from improving our functionality, also improved the location of our equipment and performed the disposition and measurements to silence the systems while they work, as there is a nearby hospital and a daycare.

Trusting Alfa Laval and Froztec Intl. for the design of heat exchange projects

Nowadays, the cost of energy use provided by gas, water and electricity is very high for the southeast region of Mexico, as in the case of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

There is no doubt the hotel industry can trust Alfa Laval for cost reduction and maximize their refrigeration system budget harnessing.

Personally, I will keep recommending the use of the brand, and most out of all, having specialized support with the Froztec International guarantee to have an optimal system, tailored to the requirements of each project.

If you are interested in Alfa Laval products and you need specialized industrial refrigeration counseling, do not hesitate in contacting a Froztec Intl. counselor through this link to ask for a quotation for your next project.


We thank the information provided by Moises Harari for the creation of this testimonial.


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