No cold, no beer. Cooling equipment for producing craft beer

Aug 28, 2017 11:10:29 AM

No cold, no beer. Cooling equipment for producing craft beer

Every craft brewer who begins to gain acceptance with their consumers and increase their production find themselves at a crossroads: this moment is key to taking their project to the next level, but making a mistake at this stage can mean a significant reduction in the quality of their product.

If you reached this point, you’re probably facing, at least, two major challenges:

  1.  The demand for your products increases and you need to reduce production times if you don’t want to take the whole week non stop manufacturing the amount of beer you need for your next delivery.
  2.  Suddenly you realize that your energy expenses have increased significantly, the refrigerators you use to store your product no longer fit and your power bill continues to rise.

This is the right time to consciously invest in the quality of your equipment. Due to the increase in production, which until now was solved with pots, coils and refrigerators requires a specialized equipment and the training of the producers.

Producing craft beer, keeping that personality and flavor that took so long to discover and perfect, requires specialized and efficient refrigeration equipment, adapted to the projections and conditions of production and growth of the project.

Although the design of a refrigeration system to produce craft beer requires the advice of an expert in the field, there are equipment that you must know before making any decisions on your budget.


Here we introduce you to the key refrigeration equipment for every craft brewer:

1. Heat exchangers

A heat exchange allows cooling liquids with a greater time efficiency, by two fluids passing by a series of plates of stainless steel. Its efficiency allows to increase the levels of production reducing cooling times and electricity costs.

2. Chiller

The chiller is the equipment intended to satisfy the cooling process. An air conditioning chiller is not designed to reach the temperatures of craft breweries and, therefore, isn’t in any way a suitable equipment for this purpose.

A Chiller specialized in brewing allows a steady temperature regardless of the variable in the production conditions. This guarantees a much more controlled temperature drop, which is reflected in the taste and quality of the beer.

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3. Refrigerated chambers

Once the craft beer is produced, a period of storage is necessary before it can be delivered to the distributor. A refrigerated chamber for craft beer must be designed specifically for the needs of the product and the producer, either the size of the production or the space which the producer counts with. Typically, they consist of evaporators, panels, condenser units, isolated doors and/or display doors.

4. Exhibition showcases

The exhibition showcases for craft beer will be the presentation card to the consumer. It’s about showing the qualities of your beer, its personality and variety, without the risk that, due to unexpected changes in temperature, its characteristics will be altered.

These refrigeration equipment are basic to a craft brewery, and will make the difference between toasting for the brewer's success or making them have a bitter sip.

If you are searching for this type of solutions, take into account that it isn’t enough to acquire the equipment: the advice of a refrigeration engineer will be of great help to you, because when approaching your project, they’ll consider not only your current requirements, but the potential growth in the medium and long term.

We invite you to contact a Froztec advisor and find the best solution for this stage of your artisanal brewery.

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