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The production of wine requires the use and application of cooling systems. These systems must consider the use of energy and the impact they have on the environment.

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Dehumidification plays a very important role in many industries that require relative humidity control in their cooling processes.

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Within the industrial cooling systems, the cooling coils are a component formed by tubes of different materials through which a fluid passes, while these have an external contact with the air or a gas, which allows an exchange of heat.

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2019 brings new challenges in the industrial refrigeration field, especially with respect to necessary technology and products in relation to new environmental legislation.

Today more than ever before, the industry faces the need to stay up to date on topics such as the use of natural refrigerants and energetic yield.

The return of investment, an improved marketing of projects, and improvements to the service given to the final client are also topics that will fill up the agendas of refrigeration professionals.

These are the trends that you should keep in mind in 2019 as part of this industry.

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To use the best cooling equipment for fish and seafood preservation is a challenge for many businessmen and contractors who search for a cost-effective business.

The fishing industry has changes and it is important that the owners understand the need of keeping an updated, efficient equipment that also reduces electricity costs and system maintenance.

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The hospitality industry is generating serious challenges and business opportunities for the refrigeration industry the world over. It spans through areas like comfort, acclimatization, water cooling and food conservation processes.

The growth of the sector has allowed an age of innovation where more and more businessmen along the industry understand the need to invest in equipment that provides energy savings and reducing the environmental impact.

Thus, the contractor dedicated to projects of this nature must be prepared for the use of better equipment that complies with the standards and basic needs of the market:

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The craft beer business is opening new doors to implementing cooling equipment which comply with necessary QA, sanitation and efficiency requirements this industry calls for.

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Cooling spaces are kept below average room temperature, and so there must be, at all times, a driving force to push the heat inflow from the cooling space' surroundings. This is because the heat always flows from the greater-temperature area towards the lower-temperature one.