Industrial refrigeration trends for 2019

Jan 30, 2019 4:16:01 PM

Industrial refrigeration trends for 2019

2019 brings new challenges in the industrial refrigeration field, especially with respect to necessary technology and products in relation to new environmental legislation.

Today more than ever before, the industry faces the need to stay up to date on topics such as the use of natural refrigerants and energetic yield.

The return of investment, an improved marketing of projects, and improvements to the service given to the final client are also topics that will fill up the agendas of refrigeration professionals.

These are the trends that you should keep in mind in 2019 as part of this industry.


Latin America and the use of natural refrigerants

In Europe, the Montreal Protocol establishes the reduced consumption and production of chlorofluorocarbons, which represents a current obligation for the refrigeration industry.

This is a change that entails new technologies, but also requires training of contractors and those in charge of the use and maintenance of equipment.

Latino America is included in the last group of countries that must eliminate the use of these refrigerants.

Countries like Costa Rica and Colombia already have legislative projects, while in Mexico or Chile the topic of the environment is gaining strength and initiatives will soon be emerging.

Mexico and Chile undoubtedly are the trendsetters in the exportation of agro-industrial products, which will represent an opportunity in this economic field.

For this reason, one of the main means that industry professionals must take on is training on the use of equipment suitable for implementation according to the protocols.

At Froztec International, we are prepared for this trend, which allows us to offer in our projects the options that take into account all the technological requirements and environmentally friendly refrigerants.


Latin American and the use of natural refrigerants


New investment schemes for industrial refrigeration systems

Consciousness of changes in environmental matters is a topic that must be reinforced in negotiations between contractors and clients in the field.

Everyone involved in the world of industrial and commercial refrigeration will benefit from adapting to these changes: learning to install thick high-pressure tubing, the use of natural refrigerants, and controls not previously used.

For this reason, the topic of investing in refrigeration systems should be reinforced through combating the custom of choosing “the most affordable equipment” for projects.

The final client should invest more in their projects and as a contractor, you should be prepared to defend the cost of your work, prepare yourself in order to find the best technological options, and focus on the benefits of return of investment of the systems.

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Refrigeration systems that should take on the changes the most

Supermarkets are one of the main fields that should focus on the change with the use of CO2 refrigerants, an alternative freons.

The topic of yield and energetic savings will be of vital importance for small- and middle-sized supermarkets.

Conversely, systems for the treatment and conservation of meat are high consumers of ammonium, such as packing products of agricultural origin.

For the contractor, this entails keeping yourself updated and trained on the use of suitable equipment.

For the client, on occasion this will represent a higher investment to comply with the regulations of new equipment.

As an industrial refrigeration contractor, training and specialized support will be essential in your projects for 2019.

industrial refrigeration Froztec

Workers in the refrigeration industry will need specialized support

Today more than ever before, specialized support for industrial refrigeration contractors will be fundamental.

Brands like Alfa Laval and GEA offer cutting-edge equipment that anticipate the technological demands that the new environmental laws will constitute.

It is in the interests of technicians to broaden their knowledge regarding the use of CO2 as a refrigerant, as well as installation processes that include high-pressure equipment for welding and manipulation of electronic controllers.

The industry is facing processes of modernization that demand better specialization and knowledge of professionals with respect to how to better market their refrigeration projects.

At Froztec International, we constantly prepare our partnered contractors with the training and specialized engineering needed to create projects with yield and the necessary technical equipment for the optimal installation of refrigeration systems.


We provide support for your projects and help you present them to your final clients.


 * With information from Byron Laureano, Director of Froztec International

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