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The production of wine requires the use and application of cooling systems. These systems must consider the use of energy and the impact they have on the environment.

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Marketing industrial refrigeration projects entails a series of challenges in communication between the company and the client.

The return of investment (ROI) of refrigeration systems is a topic that needs to be treated with clarity in the projects developed by your company.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the value propositions you can offer as part of your services in the price quotation of industrial or commercial refrigeration equipment.

We recommend taking into account the following important points on ROI that will allow you to generate higher confidence in your services.

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2019 brings new challenges in the industrial refrigeration field, especially with respect to necessary technology and products in relation to new environmental legislation.

Today more than ever before, the industry faces the need to stay up to date on topics such as the use of natural refrigerants and energetic yield.

The return of investment, an improved marketing of projects, and improvements to the service given to the final client are also topics that will fill up the agendas of refrigeration professionals.

These are the trends that you should keep in mind in 2019 as part of this industry.

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All present challenges a company faces when installing industrial refrigeration systems revolve around an ever-increasing technological connectivity, energy saving and environmental concerns.

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The industrial refrigeration market is under constant growth and innovation; therefore, in order to be competitive, it is necessary to be up to date and know all of its components.

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Not all products are refrigerated and preserved equal. And that is why no industrial refrigeration system is universal or adequate for all.

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Eighteen years ago we launched Froztec with a single goal: to offer our customers prime quality industrial refrigeration equipment, with engineering services and special support for their projects. And, as expected, many things have changed since then.

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Trying to maintain the ideal temperature for your industrial processes will be very difficult, if not impossible, if you don’t consider adequate control of relative humidity. This relation is this simple: the amount of heat generated in an environment will be considerably affected by the amount of water present in the air.